Portsmouth is a large fishing town. All of its buildings are well built and constructed of wood and concrete. It is a town that is constantly abuzz with the activity of fishermen and merchants working long into each night to sell or buy that day’s catch to the highest bidder.

Portsmouth is also at the epicenter of the transport industry. Vessels ferry travelers from every corner of the world back to its heart so that they may rest and eat before carrying on their adventure on the fertile hills beyond its reach.


Portsmouth has been buried under cloud cover for the last year or so. A storm rolled in that destroyed a number of homes along the coast and permanently changes the weather patterns in and around Portsmouth and its neighboring villages. The high tides and choppy seas have made it impossible to catch any fish and some speculate whether there are even any fish to catch at all. The more superstitious folk blame Dirk Fremen for their ill fortune, citing a curse brought upon by the sea. Ever since the storm people have become accustomed to the fact that animals go missing on a regular basis, never to be seen again. Though, lately rumors are circulating that even people are beginning to go missing in Portsmouth…


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