Dirk Fremen

Wealthy Fisherman. Cursed.


Human Male. Elderly. Long graying hair with short beard.

His fine clothing is worn sloppily.

Drinks and eats excessively.


Dirk was a poor fisherman once. He took small jobs on whatever boats would take him out to sea in the hopes of one day commanding a fleet of fishing boats all his own. When his patience for fame and fortune wore thin he took to drinking heavily. His nights blurred together. The stench of fish and liquor were the only things that remained constant in his life.

One day everything changed. He walked up to the bar at the Leaking Larder and took his regular seat. It was his, no doubt. His name was carved on every surface and the leather on the seat remembered him like an old friend. After ordering his first round of the Larders brew he caught himself affixed on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Long black hair and eyes of pale green. She was bundled up against the harsh winter winds but her figure could still be ascertained through her vestments.

With uncanny wit he met her. And shortly after he courted her. Soon Dirk was a new man, finding his inspiration and purpose through his love for her. He promised her that one day he would be successful. No matter what the cost. She had no idea that Dirk had been sneaking away at night to cast sizable sums of gold into the ocean in the hopes that the Ocean can be bargained with. A little gold and a wish and the ocean might make your dreams come true. Or at least that’s what the older sailors believe.

Success did not come for Dirk with any haste. But he continued to work hard to provide for his beloved. He bought her a dog to keep her company while he went away. He asked for her hand in marriage and everything was going well, but Dirk was not happy. How could his life still be the same after all this time? Surely he should at least be a captain by now? Or a first mate? Whatever he’s supposed to be, he should be more than a deckhand by now!

The weeks leading up to Dirks wedding passed as if they were a single day. All of the sudden he was a married man and now more than ever he wanted to give his beautiful wife all of the fantastic riches he had been promising her all along. The night of Dirks wedding he sneaked away from the festivities to the end of the longest pier in Portsmouth.

He cast all of the gold he had received from his wedding guests into the Ocean as he had done with so much gold pieces before. But this time, in desperation and anger he threw his Golden wedding ring in after it. The Ocean responded with silence. Dirk stood and cursed the Ocean for forsaking him. As he turned his back to return to the ceremonies he wondered how he would explain his missing ring. Suddenly a massive wave crashed onto the pier and cast Dirk into the surf below.

Dirk kicked and punched his arms into the water as he tumbled below the surface. Soon he found himself completely restrained by some force much, much stronger than him. He opened his eyes and found himself gazing into an eyeball the size of a wagon wheel. A booming voice from within the water spoke to him and as it spoke he could feel the air in his lungs vibrating.

“You shall have your wish. Your name will be known by all and your endeavors will be fruitful. But your wife is now mine to take. She will be drawn to the ring you have forsaken in the name of greed. Every year on this day I will release her to you to remind you of the price you’ve paid. I will be good to her.”

Dirk awoke on the beach beneath the pier. His clothes were salty and covered with sand. He shook off what must have been a nightmare and made his way back to town. Nervous glances caught his eyes as he worked his way back to the familiarity of his bed, eager to see his wife and yet dreading the explanation he undoubtedly owed her.

Dirk entered the house and shut the door behind him. Minutes passed before the door opened again releasing a frantic Mr. Fremen to the street were he fell to his knees and let out a scream so loud it was heard for blocks around. Stories of that day still circulate the town of Portsmouth.

Fortune found Dirk frequently after that day. Good deals and favorable fishing seemed to surround Dirk as he steadily climbed his way to prosperity.

He never smiled however.

He always insisted on sailing aboard his ships. Eyes on the horizon as if he was looking for something. As the months passed he would go longer and longer without sleep. Returning from one voyage to leave directly onto the next fishing vessel in search of something.

And finally on the anniversary of his wedding he found her. Standing in ankle deep water and covered in moss. His wife had returned just as the voice had said. But she was no longer his. She was changed. Her hair had turned the color of sand and the smell of the sea followed her like a shadow.

Dirk Fremen

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